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Aircraft Noise Emission Tax: Piemonte Region Decision

On January 1st 2018, it will entered into force the aircraft noise emission tax (IRESA) as provided for by Article 10 of Regional Law 14 April 2017, n. 6 approved by Piemonte Regional Council.  Caselle Airport does not agree and it retorts affirming that, in this way, Turin airport becomes less competitive than neighboring airports such as Milano Malpensa.  Actually, the above is not a peculiarity of Piemonte Region: the law should be enforce nationwide, but the competence is in charge of the single Region on the basis of a template. The fact is that mainly this law is not applied: the solely Region that provides for by such tax are Lazio, Campania, Emilia Romagna, Calabria and Marche, and, now, Piemonte. According to the calculations, the enforcement of the IRESA will increase the airport cost in Piemonte Region about 24% for every take-off and landing (Paragraph 5 of the above said Article 10 Regional Law 6/2017).

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Maurizio Corain

Si occupa in modo particolare di diritto della navigazione e dei trasporti e ha maturato una consolidata esperienza in tale ambito, offrendo consulenza nella redazione di contratti e nell’assistenza in controversie nei settori aereo, marittimo e terrestre.

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