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Data protection

The firm offers a full service regarding current applications of the law concerning protection of personal data in the possession of companies. In particular, we analyze the flow of personal data within companies and seek ways to conform working practices to the regulatory regime, thereby helping the client in the preparation and updating of the Documento Programmatico della Sicurezza (data protection safety analysis). We also assist our clients with all regulatory requirements such as notifications, permits and communications, preparing as part of this all the documentation governing the relationships between the parties involved in the treatment of data (holders, managers and appointees). We advise and assist in relation to privacy policies and websites, as well as data protection matters in the context of advertising campaigns and contractual relations. The firm’s activities in this sector also include fully handling any litigation arising from the failure to apply or the partial or mistaken application of the civil code to data protection matters, whether before the privacy authority or the regular courts.

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